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Mpilo Hospital B6 infectious diseases ward

We have adopted a ward at a hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It’s ward B6 which treats infectious diseases, like TB and HIV/AIDS. These are serious infections present all around the world, even in affluent countries. Imagine if you had one of these serious conditions and this was where you had to go for treatment. This is what it’s like for patients at the Mpilo Infectious Diseases Ward. The hospital’s name “Mpilo” means “Life.” We want to help to give the gift of life to the patients there by raising the money to renovate this ward completely. Could you help? Any donation, however big or small, helps us to reach our target and make a real difference to people in their deepest need.

We’re helping to raise money to renovate this infectious disease ward! Can you help? Every donation counts.

Please click on the link for further details: https://www.gofundme.com/infectiousdiseases















































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